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Building or renovating a home is one of the largest investments that most people will ever undertake. As such, it is not only important to choose the builder that is right for you but it is also important to select the right electrical company for the job.


With us, you can rest assured that the work will be performed to the highest standard by educated and well trained tradesmen that will be able to provide advice in all aspects of electrical, data and communication works. 

In today's fast moving world there are always new innovations and environmentally friendly products entering the market and we take great pride in being able to advice our clients as to what is the latest and greatest in the electrical world. 

Call us today to discuss your project. We are always more than happy to provide guidance and recommendations.



"We have had Shane doing work on our property since we bought it three years ago. He has always been very easy to deal with, and very accommodating. No job has been to big or small and he is always happy to discuss plans and the best way to achieve what we have asked. We'd be happy to give him a 10 star rating if we could. Shane is an amazing electrician, he takes pride in his work and we couldn't recommend him highly enough."


"I’ve been using Shane for all my electrical work for the last few years on a renovation project. I have always found him to be on time, pleasant and professional.

He is has been particularly helpful on my project as he has been flexible with his time, displayed quality workmanship, is able to work in with other trades, offers great advice and is well priced."


"My husband and I have used Shane to do our electrical work for many years. He always does a great job at an affordable price. He is very reliable and thorough. He is a great guy, Highly recommended to do any electrical work."

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Electrical Wiring - Bad Wires Starts Fires

As a building occupier it is important to consider how safe your home or business is. How old are your premises? Have you had the electrical wiring checked by a qualified electrician in order to ensure that it does not pose any danger?  


The electrical wiring needed for your lights, stove and other electrical equipment and appliances may be potentially unsafe. The wiring could be deteriorating and unable to cope with the requirements of a modern household and your home could catch fire because of faulty and/or unsafe wiring.


Look out for the following warning signs:

1. Your circuit breakers are tripping frequently

If the circuit breakers trip occasionally, it could just be because of overload. However, if they trip multiple times in a short period it could be a sign of a potentially dangerous problem with your home's wiring. 

2. Flickering, buzzing and dimming lights

One possibility could simply be that the bulb is defective or loose. Check the bulb and replace it with a working one. If the flickering persists, it could be a sign that your home's wiring requires upgrading. 

3. Discolouration and smoke

Any discolouration or scorch marks on your outlets is a sure sign that the wiring in your home has been damaged in some way and it is releasing heat.

4. Frequent sparks

Frequent sparks when connecting an appliance to an outlet could mean that there is something wrong with the outlets circuit.

5. Frayed or chewed wiring

This is usually caused by pests in the ceiling space. Any damaged wiring poses a major electrocution and fire hazard.

6. Burning smell and odd odours

Any burning, smoke or odd odours coming from the outlets could mean that something is already overheating and could cause an electrical fire. Immediately switch off the power and call your electrician. 

7. Warm or vibrating outlets

If your light switches, power outlets and connected power cords feel warm to touch, that's another possible sign of problems with your home's wiring. Also check the area around your ceiling fixtures for warmth. Poorly insulated fixtures can heat up and if the recommended wattage for a bulb is exceeded the light will overheat. 


Contact E.J Electrical and Communications for an inspection of your property to ensure that your electrical cabling is safe and sufficient. Should the inspection show that work is required, you can trust us to give honest and reliable advice as to what work will have to be done to bring your property up to a safe standard.