June Giveaway Competition

June 23, 2016

At E.J Electrical & Communications safety is always our number one priority. It is heartbreaking to watch the news when there has been a house fire that has resulted in injuries or loss of life. As a home owner, the best way to protect yourself and your family is to ensure that you have working smoke alarms. 


The two most common smoke alarms in Australia are the ionised and the photoelectric ones. While both are legal the photoelectric smoke alarms are superior when it comes to detecting smouldering fires (the most common domestic fire). In fact, research has shown that they provide the best detection across a range of fires. They are also less prone to nuisance alarms and as such are less likely to be disabled.


You can check what type of alarm you have by looking underneath the alarm. If there is a radioactive symbol, that means it is an ionisation smoke alarm. The Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Information Sheet by Queensland Fire and Rescue Service states that "Ionisation alarms may not operate in time to alert occupants early enough to escape from smouldering fires".


 As such, we decided to offer the members of the Facebook group City Watch - Keep Ipswich Safe a chance to win the supply and installation of two hardwired photoelectric smoke alarms. We would like to congratulate the winner, Christine, and wish everyone else a safe winter. 

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