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Switchboard Works

Older properties often need to have the switchboard upgraded as not only it is old but it is often missing electrical safety switches. While some switchboards may be fitted with safety switches, they may be old or more safety switches may be required.

If you are looking at installing a high powered device and you are currently on a single phase switchboard, you should consider upgrading to a three phase switchboard to ensure the right infrastructure is in place for the increased power demands. 


We can provide the following services:

  • Three phase power

  • Surge suppressors and surge protectors

  • Fuse box and circuit breakers

  • Safety switch installations & tripping safety switch installations

  • Meter panel installation


Whatever your circumstances, we have the capability to undertake the work and the expertise to provide your business with honest and relevant advice as to the most efficient and cost effective solution. 


Arrange an inspection of your switchboard to address any concerns that you might have. 

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